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EPABO memory foam pillow on Amazon

If waking up on Monday mornings wasn’t hard enough. Add a neck crick and pain in shoulders, and it gives a new meaning to the term ‘Monday blues.’

Richard Staehler, Physiatrist at NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin, believes you can get stiff neck either due to awkward sleeping position or poor postures from long sitting jobs

While nothing much can be done about a sedentary lifestyle other than routine change, I did find an amazing solution for neck pain on Amazon. (With surprisingly high reviews)

EPABO is selling a contour neck support pillow—especially for side sleepers—that has people calling it the ‘best one’ on the Amazon market.

“I bought three of those similar priced memory foam pillows. After a few weeks to compare this was my favorite. No more neck pain at all. I hoped this was my the ended pillow.”—Amazon Buyer.

 What is a Contour Neck Support Pillow?

Let’s cover the basics first.

One of the reasons for a morning neck pain is the tilted positioning of your head while sleeping.

Contour neck support pillow simply keeps the neck and shoulder aligned to prevent it from happening.

How so?

The pillow is made from dense material (polyurethane) commonly called as memory foam.

One of the main benefits of memory foam pillow is it’s reduce bounce back reaction time.

So, when you place your head on it, it distributes the body proportion like a mold, providing support to your neck.

Great pillows! I started going to the chiropractor and they suggested neck support pillows. I am glad I found these on amazon.” A satisfied buyer.

There were many brands offering similar products but so far EPADO seemed the best memory foam pillow for neck pain relief.

‘m a driver, and my neck often hurts because I have to drive for a long time every day. I bought a lot of pillows just to find the right one for me. I’m so glad I found it! This pillow has a clever design, in the middle of which I can relax my neck when I lie down.” said a happy customer

That said, if you are planning to buy this product— from EPADO or any other brand regardless—you might want to take a few things into account though.

Precautions to Take Before Purchasing the Neck Support Pillow

Memory foam pillow, while best for a better night sleep, are not exactly famous for being user-friendly.

Some buyers even found them so uncomfortable, they called it “hard as a rock” pillow.

I, personally, believe the reason for their unpleasant experience could be the wrong size choice and placement of the pillow.

And a few buyers agree with me here.

I had purchased the queen pillow and realized the height was too much for my neck. They quickly got me the standard size pillow, and it made all the difference in my quality of sleep. I have neck pain from working at a desk. This pillow has practically eliminated that for me.” A buyer explained.

To avoid the unpleasant situation, I suggest you check out the density and size of the memory foam pillow before purchasing.

1. Memory Foam Pillow Density

The ideal density for the memory foam pillow should be firm off course, but if you are adapted to fluffy polyester pillows, you might find the firmness ‘hard as a rock’ as well for you.

You see, memory form is manufactured in three densities; firm, moderate and soft.

For a side sleeper, a ‘firm” 4 inches thick pillow would be the best for neck support, but if you are facing continuous discomfort, replace it with a moderate firmness.

My same advice is for individuals with cervical neck pain. (But confirm it with your doctor first)

As for those who sleep on their stomach, well, the best practice would be to not use any pillow at all, but if you insist, try out the soft one.

2. Memory Foam Pillow Size

Commercially, Neck support pillows come in king, queen, and standard sizes.

However, EPABO only offers Queen and standard.

So, if you are a tall person, then I suggest either look for king size in any other brand or pick a queen size in EPABO.

As for an average height, a standard size should work well. (The sizes are mentioned on the product details)

PS: I would highly recommend you to check out the tutorials on how to use the neck support pillow as well.

Because, as it turns out, a simple change in positioning can have a tremendous effect on your sleep.

“I have tried numerous pillows in the last few years, but this is the first one that works. I have to admit that the first night I used it, I had it reversed. Since I finally used it correctly, I have been amazed at how well it allows me to sleep.” A buyer who believed the memory pillow “actually worked”


Contour neck support pillow, in a nutshell, is a product I believe worth purchasing for if you are suffering from constant neck and shoulder pain.

As for EPADO being the best memory foam pillow?

Well, considering its 4-star rating and over 2000 reviews, there’s a reason people are buying it.

Would you like to give it a try? Click on the below link to check on Amazon.