Restless? 8 Do-To-List for Staying Productive in Self-isolation

things to do at home for fun

There’re countless things one can do while staying at home to kill boredom. But what if you have options to stay productive and still have fun?

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, many are going stir crazy cooped up in their homes.

For most, their hectic lives had left them little time for leisure. And now that they’ve all the time on their hands, they’re finding self-isolation hard to swallow.

To keep things interesting, some educational organizations are temporarily offering free courses for professionals and students.

Volunteers around the globe are also coming up with innovative ways of drawing participants.

And good Samaritans are utilizing their time cheering up the distressed neighbors.

Here, I have listed down eight such things you may find interesting to explore during self-isolation.

1.Take Advantage of Free Courses

Gaining a new skill, however trivial may it seem, can never be a waste of time. 

Take emotional intelligence for example.

The course may appear irrelevant on the first impression, but if you check the details, you’ll realize emotional intelligence would help you avoid conflicts at work.

Similarly, leisure courses such as basic photography would aid you if you pursued an online business later.

Whether the course you’re taking is on self-confidence, or a traditional Microsoft Excel, earning a skill is one of the most productive things you can do at home.

Take advantage of free courses academic organizations like Howard, British Council are offering.

Enroll in creative courses on Teachable, Linda, or similar e-learning platforms.

Join YouTube tutorials to refine your skills.

2.Share Your Knowledge With Others

E-learning platforms not only provide you the opportunity to learn but also allow you to share your knowledge.

If you are working in a traditional department—say Administration—you can become an instructor on LinkedIn and share useful management tips.

If you have vast experience in practical skills, for instance; gardening, you can teach them on unconventional platforms such as Udemy.

Many have created YouTube channels to provide tutorials on their niches.

Digitalization has made it easy for you to share your experience.

Give it a try and, trust me, you will find the experience worthy to continue.

things to do at home for fun
Take Advantage Of Free courses to say productive during self-isolation

3.Freelance Your Talent

If teaching is not your cup of tea, no worries! freelance platforms may give you plenty of options to use your time productively.

With the boom of e-commerce, Freelancing is fast becoming a significant source of people’s income. I highly recommend you to the advantage of it.

Explore popular freelance platforms to determine your skill’s worth.

Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, and are among the few marketplaces to give you a general idea of which skill is trending.

Payoneer, a financial transaction platform, has also recently issued its report on freelancing to let freelancers know how much they can earn.

With adequate information, create your profiles and sell your skill right away.

4.Adopt A Stress-busting Hobby

I came across a story about a former teacher who has been living on the lovely island of the Mediterranean Sea for 30 years. Imagine.

He shared when the winters got harsh and he was forced to camp inside for days, he would turn to books to keep himself busy.

His advice is not just based on practical experience.

Researchers believe Self-isolation if left for long, can potentially hurt your mental health. As such; stress-busting hobbies might be your solution to remain active and productive at home.

Some of the best stress busting hobbies are cooking, knitting-my favourite- reading, and gardening but anything monotonous and mundane is a good for relieving stress.

how to stay productive during self isolation
Connect with your loved ones during self-isolation

5.Catch Up With Your Friends 

Social distancing might have restricted your movement, but many thanks to digitalization; you have the means to connect with your loved ones.

And people are taking advantage of social apps.

One bartender in Cincinnati says social distancing didn’t prevent her from celebrating her birthday. She simply invited her friends on face time. Another from Norwich is using pen pal to stay connected with like minds.

I believe, self-isolation is a prime time for you to revive your long-distance relationships. Use this time wholly to reminisce about your good times.

6.Join the Cheering Campaigns

Have you noticed how people around the world are developing creative ways to appreciate the medical and law enforcement for their efforts?

Vancouver residents, a city of Canada, run to their galleries and roofs to cheer whenever the health workers passing by! Madrid galleries are witnessing a similar scene.

One photographer in Boston is traveling from door to door taking families’ photos to brighten to put a smile.

An orchestra on London Streets is performing a live concert to uplift people’s morale.

In Italy, an Opera Singer entertained live on his gallery to cheer the neighborhood, receiving appreciation from residents and abroad.

On social media, people have started the #clapfordoctors movement.

With several things to do and several ways to spend time, people are specifically taking time out to cheer others.

In a crisis, when the pandemic is outspread and people are risking lives, I am sure your appreciation will be a time well spent.

self isolation
Held your neighbors in trying times

7.Volunteer For Your Neighbors

It has become almost a common knowledge know that People aged 64 and above are 40% more vulnerable to COVID-19 than others.

While nothing can be done about the immunity factor, you can certainly give a helping hand to your neighbors as people have been doing it.

In Norwich, nearby traders are delivering items to an elderly couple living upstairs through the basket attached to the rope.

A solicitor and Banker are using their time running errands for anyone responding to their leaflets. Reading the leaflets, some said they are contemplating volunteering their services.

Charities organizations around the globe are joining hands donating to the improvised facing a financial backlash from the crisis.

To surmise, your one noble act may not only shelter the elderly from a deadly outcome but also seed compassion in the younger generation.

8.Start Blogging To Stay Productive

Idle mind breeds idle thoughts and idle thoughts breeds loneliness. 

Therefore, blogging is one of the best things to do to stay active during self-isolation.

Writing is said to develop your mind muscles strengthening your memory and intelligence, and expressing thoughts might release your stress.

So, swat away the trivial worries and start your own blog! and are the popular platform you can try. They both are easy to operate.


When coronavirus hit Italy hard, a resident shared his time of self-isolation.

He says while social distancing and self-quarantine was not pleasant, it was not a nightmare as well.

He enrolled in online classes, refined his cooking skills, and kept connected to family. In the evening, he would enjoy the golden hour from the balcony of his home.

Cooped up at home, we can still do countless productive things, for we are nothing if not resilient.

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