These Are One of The Best False Eyelashes I Have Tried So Far

Huda Eye Lashes

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Well, my beholding eyes surely picked Huda beauty eyelashes to swoon.

Samantha was my first step into the world of Huda beauty. After the dramatic transformation those falsies gave to my rather mediocre makeup, I happily left my old life behind and became a loyal member of the Huda cult.

However, not every eyelash works for everyone. While some people feel comfortable with a natural look, others tend to go for a bit more drama. It all comes down to what you feel more comfortable with.

For me, Samantha is my go-to lash. But it doesn’t stop me from trying out other options too.

Huda beauty offers a variety of false lashes that covers almost all the type, nevertheless based on the majority reviews, we have listed down a few false lashes that are mostly preferred by eyelash users.

Samantha…, My favorite!

Recommended by the beauty guru Huda Kattan herself, these double heaped lashes, with medium volume, gives a slight dramatic look.

Created to enhance the eye make-up, they will pop your eyes without being too flashy.


With one layer straight and another criss-cross, Scarlett throws a lot more drama than Samantha, to your makeover. If you are into voluminous eyelashes and edgy look, go for Scarlett Huda beauty classic-lash.

PS: They are said to last longest too.


Number one in the product line, these lashes are light and lean towards a more natural look. They can easily be worn at daytime.

Faux mink Lash-Farah

Huda beauty faux mink lashes are made from synthetic fiber that gives it a mink hair texture. The triple loaded lashes are heavy in look, and give more volume to your lash line.

I would highly recommend Faux mink Farah to those, who are not afraid to ‘go bold’ with their makeup.

Deciding which lash to buy and what brand of lash works for you, will require a bit of research and a lot more experimenting. While trying out different brands and products can be an expensive experience, which I am sure none of us enjoys, but finding “the one” has never been easy.

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