The Sweet Danger of Eating Too Much Sugar and How To Avoid It

too much sugar

We perfectly understand how popping in a slab of chocolate can provide an instant feeling of joy and pure satisfaction. However, too much of sugar comes with bittersweet ramifications. Actually, by all means, they are only just bitter! 

Speaking of this, American diet to be specific comprises heavily of cereal, flavored yogurt, soft drinks and other processed food items which are loaded with artificial sugar and literally breaks havoc within the body. A recent study endorses that Americans, on average, consume over 17.4 teaspoons of sugar per day that is 80 to 90 grams per day. That is four times the amount than needed and, in general, quite dangerous for the body.

Eating too much sugar is not the direct cause of type 1 or 2 diabetes but your overweight body does. The Diabetes UK recommends that you limit your sugar intake not more than 4.5 teaspoons or 25 grams daily.

What happens when we Take Too much Sugar

Too much sugar is alarming for a number of reasons which we will talk about below:

1. It Leads to Skin Issues

Effects of eating too much sugar on skin

Our skin maintains its elasticity through collagen—a body protein— and too much sugar can interfere with its function resulting in wrinkles, acne, or excessively dry skin.

Additionally, it can lead to other grave problems like cellular inflammation and dermatitis. This is all because the more you consume sugar the more the tissues of your skin are likely to be stiffened. It ultimately then makes the movement of the collagen super difficult. As a result, the skin bears the brunt! 

And, for one to glow from outside, the inside needs to be on point. So, we guess you know what to do now!

2. It paves way for cravings

too much sugar

Yes! The hunger games, due to over-consumption of sugar, can go off the track. Sugar is highly addictive as it releases a pleasure hormone, called dopamine. This makes an individual want more and more regardless of the fact he is hungry or not as the body had already grown tolerant of the sugar. 

In fact, what many consider this phase as a sweet tooth is actually a warning sign to cut down on sugary items!

3. The mood swings like never before:

mood swings

Hoarding up on sugar means mood levels hanging up in mid-air. You get annoyed, agitated and even angry over petty issues and it just gets worse with time. This is because the brain depends upon glucose and chromium in order to function and any sharp fluctuation in its levels can negatively impact it. Glucose provides with energy whereas chromium maintains the stability of blood sugar levels for the insulin to work properly.

4. Crazy-Mazy Brain

crazy with too much sugar

Slow is what sugar makes you. To put things in perspective, overeating sugar means a foggy brain as it negatively impacts the proteins and tampers neurotransmitters in the brain. 
This in turn, naturally affects the learning and memorizing capabilities of an individual.
In addition to this, the high quotient of sugar basically hinders the movement of glucose into the brain cells. Hence, concentration and decision-making power begin to decline. 

These conditions are just a tip of an iceberg, if sugar intake is not controlled it could lead to even more critical disorders.

How to Cut Down Sugar Consumption

Let’s now have a look on the other side of the coin and see how, by following these three tips, you can manage and cut down your sugar consumption.

1. Give up the processed foods

processed food

The first and foremost change one needs to make to be able to cut down sugar is to let go off items high in fructose; give up entirely on soda and other processed foods.  These food items may not directly put sugar in their list of ingredients but it is indeed there under names like corn syrup, malt syrup, evaporated cane juice,  dextrose or sorbitol to name a few. Moreover, stay away from refined carbohydrates such as waffles and bagels. 

Once you start practicing this, you will have already avoided a number of diseases from cropping up. 

2. Swap the crap

drink water

Make it a habit to reach out for water every time instead of relying on sodas and boxed juices to quench thirst. It is just too toxic for your body and deteriorates the health at a crazy rate! It literally flushes all the goodness from the body; nutrients and minerals, especially calcium.

To make things smooth, monitor the color of your urine and how many times you visit the bathroom to understand as to how much water your body is asking.  Ideally, one must drink around six to eight glasses of water daily.

If you looking for a bit of flavor simply add up a little mint and lemon. It is super rejuvenating! 

3. Go dark with chocolate

dark chocolate

Remember about the chocolate we talked about earlier in this post.  Well, if you are a die-hard chocolate lover and cannot literally keep your hands off them then we suggest you try dark chocolate. Now why dark chocolate is an appropriate substitute?

Well, the more cocoa content in chocolate, the lower the sugar there is. Hence, you need not fret about the amount of sugar going inside your body.

In a nutshell

To sum up, anyone can get swept away by the delicious desserts, but sugar intake can be managed if you switch it with more healthy options.

PS: Eating dates is another way to satiate that sweet tooth.  They are super sweet, all natural and on top of that, deliciously nutritious!