People Are Calling It the Best Purple Shampoo for Gray Hair


With over 800 reviews and 4.2 ratings, Joico Color Endure is said to be the best purple shampoo for gray hair

As the younger generation is pre-maturely going gray in their early 20s, the demand for a purple shampoo is growing rapidly.

But the problem with violet shampoos is; many results in what some might call as “Lavender hair.”

Violet shampoo is designed to remove brassiness; instead, most end up turning your hair purple.

For that reason, people are struggling to find a decent purple shampoo for them.

So, when Joico’s name popped up on various social platforms as the best purple shampoo for gray hair, I bookmarked it to check out why.

Based on the general reactions I observed from users; Joico Color Endure is supposedly known to only enhance the grey tone without using too much violet—and at an affordable price at that.

That’s one of the reasons a lot of Amazon buyers prefer Joico Color Endure Violet giving it over 800 reviews and 4.2 stars.

“I use this with the shampoo-part of my gray hair is actually white and sometimes I get a touch of purple cast but I don’t mind it and love how my gray hair looks. It is also thick so it doesn’t drip (shampoo and conditioner)-my favorite hair product for gray hair.”—Amazon Buyer.

Joico Color Endure Violet shampoo

I explored a couple of Joico’s products for gray hair but its Color Endure Violet shampoo appeared to yield better results.

 “Three years of trying products this is the best grey hair enhancer I have found. Just enough bluing to bring out the silver.”Amazon Buyer.

Like many silver shampoos, Joico uses purple pigment to reduce the yellowing on the hair shaft that usually occurs from long exposure to air, dust and sun.

But what differentiates Jocio Endure from others is it has less concentration of purple pigment making it the best purple shampoo for gray hair.

Joico shampoo is free from sulfate and uses coconut oil derivative Cocamidopropyl Betaine, as an alternative, to deep cleanse the hair.

The lack of sulfate is also the reason this shampoo doesn’t lather much. Still, if it can prevent hair damage, I consider it a reasonable trade.

The bottle contains 33 ounces of shampoo in under $18 range. That means you can survive on two bottles per year depending upon your usage.

One of the best purple shampoos I’ve used. We have hard water and I use this 3 times a week and it takes all the brass yellowish tones out. Plus it’s one of the only purple shampoos I’ve found that smells amazing”Amazon Buyer.

Joico Color Endure is a decent purple shampoo for gray and blonde hair and delivers exactly what you would expect from a purple shampoo;

A light tint to cover the brassiness.

That said, purple/silver shampoo require certain precautions to get the maximum results.

Deviation from those and even Joico will make your hair feel blue.

Tips for Better Results from Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo

One of the two common challenges I noticed violet shampoo users face is way too much purple tone and brittle texture.

The good news is; these two conditions can easily be avoided.

1.To Prevent Hair from Turing Purple

You probably might be aware that gray hair is not a color but rather the result of a lack of a color pigment called melanin.

As such, when your gray hair—even blonde— is exposed to purple pigment, they pick it up, easily.

Purple pigment, then, mixes with the natural yellow residue on the hair shaft resulting in a silver tone.

But, here’s the rub.

Purple to yellow ratio must be balanced to get the perfect results.

If you apply violet shampoo daily or let the shampoo sit for too long, the yellow to purple ratio crooks, turning your hair purple.

(Remember when I said Joico Color Endure less concentration of purple pigment matters? That’s why.)

As a thumb rule, violet shampoo should be used with your regular shampoo, not as a regular shampoo.

So, using it once a week will deliver a perfect silver-grey tone to your hair.

Secondly, when you are applying the purple shampoo—on dry or wet hair, regardless, let it sit for no more than 5 minutes before washing it.

It’s only, when the brassiness doesn’t fade, that you should consider increasing the time to 15 minutes and use it twice a week.

2.To Prevent Hair from Getting Brittle

The second major problem with gray hair is the brittle texture after hair wash.

As mentioned before, gray or bleached hair lacks the vital color pigment called melanin.

What you might probably not know is melanin’s core function— other than creating color—is to protect your hair from harsh conditions.

With little or no quantity of melanin, your hair will be at risk of damage. The classical example is the rough hair texture when bleached.

Joico violet shampoo despite being the best purple shampoo, isn’t an all-natural product.

Therefore, the only way to prevent your hair from turning brittle is through regular oiling, conditioning and protein boost.

As long as you maintain your hair, Joico Color Endure would retain your hair’s original volume and texture.

I have used this product every couple of weeks to take the yellow out of my grey/white hair. It does not change the texture of my hair. It does what I need it to do.”Amazon Buyer.

The EndNote

2018 marked the year of the gray, and based on recent hype over Alexander Grant’s hair, this trend isn’t going anywhere.

So, if you are planning to leverage the current trend, Joico Color Endure might be the next best choice to get that spectacular silver.

What do you think?

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