The Basic Bobs! A Beginner’s guide to a Forever and Ever Classic Bob Haircut

bob haircuts

Bobs are in rage these days.From edgy short bobs to elegant Lobs, there is a style for every face cut.

As a kid, I was always under the impression there was only one type of bob haircut one could have.

Oh, how naïve of me.

Gone are those simple days!  Each year we see a new version of Bob, more trendy than the last.

I have to give it to the hair experts, who knew a slight change here and a slight change there could create a whole new killer version of a Bob! It takes an insane amount of creativity to craft a new bob every year.

Nevertheless, all new styles have been derived from a few “now classic” types.

If you’re thinking about going for a bob, check out these five basic haircuts to get a better idea of basics just so you could have enough options to choose from!

1.The original Bob

Deceptively simple looking style is a classic example of less is more. This one-length hair cut might seem “Meh! Piece of cake” to us amateurs, but only a good hair stylist could create an obedient line and make it into a perfect style.

The length is usually up to the chin with its front tips framing the face. Add in fringes, if you have thin and long face cut, and you have got a classic straight-laced Bob haircut.

2.A-line Bob

A-line or relatively referred to as angular Bob is quite similar to classic bob apart from longer ends at the front.

Long or short, this is one of the most in-demand styles in bobs. It displays an alluring persona to a typical bob and creates an amazing look.

3.Inverted Bob

This bob hair cut is another type of an Angular bob but with its weight line falling below the chin and the short back showing off a stack of layers. The length varies from sharp edge chic look to a soft gradual fall of layers.

4.Shoulder-Length Bob…Or A Lob

There’re only three ways to describe a lob. Sleek, Sophisticated and Stunning.

With its weight line brushing the collarbone, a lob is a purely “women bob” that will take years off from your face leaving the mature persona intact.

So far, I have never found anyone who wouldn’t rock this look. So I would strongly suggest you keep a lob on your checklist at the least.

5.Textured Bob

If you add layers, body and bob in a mix, you have got yourself a textured bob! This bob is different from others in a way that the weight line is evenly longer all over with layers and body to give it a texture. You can have fun with this haircut to create different styles such as—loose curls, beach waves or an out of bed look.

bob haircut

In a Nutshell

These five might be the basic bobs but they’re not the only ones. I can still count a lot of cuts in my mind, the asymmetrical, cropped bob, one side buzz cut and so on. The insane amount of styles in Bob alone is astonishing.

If you are a bob lover and have experimented with different types, we would love to see your final look!