The Brief Technical Aspects of Headphones


1. Frequency

The sound matters. Good quality wireless headphones offers well balanced sound frequency, High, Mids and Lows (Bass, Mids and Treble). 20Hz to 20,000HZ is the sound frequency range the people can hear and this is the standard range of most of the head phones. In headphones, 20Hz represents the bass and 20,000Hz represents the treble in the spectrum. But better frequency response does not mean the headphones will generate better sound quality.

2. Diaphragm

The sound quality depends to the extent of the size of diaphragm or driver diameter and measured in millimeters “mm”. In other words, bigger the speakers in headphones, better the bass and treble.  Most over the ear headphones have 50mm or more while earbuds have 13mm or more.

3. Impedance and Sensitivity

Another thing in headphones is impedance and sensitivity. This is a more of a technical stuff but in simple words, impedance is measured in ohms and affects the audio level of the earphones. Headphones with higher impedence (25 ohms) require more power to delivery high audio. Take this as amplification of the sound. The sensitivity, let’s just stay at this point where people usually listen music at 60 to 80db.

Have you ever experienced connecting wired headphones in amplifiers and sound started to distort out at higher volume levels? This is due to the reason that the ohm limit of headphones cannot handle more power from audio source and at some point, you may burn out the headphones. But you don’t have to worry when owing the wireless headphones unless it has a headphone jack and you wanna connect to the audio source that has greater ohm levels compared to ohm level of your wireless headphones and burn it out. General use laptops are fine!!!

3. Bluetooth and Compression Codec (aptX)

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a low powered short range wireless data transmission hardware installed in your headphone, mobile devices, laptops etc. It doesn’t have the data transmission capability like Wi-Fi and so what it happening is data is compressed and transmitted to another Bluetooth device. Devices made in and after year 2017 use Bluetooth 5 has better range (200m) and transmission capability (2MBPS) than the previous Bluetooth 4 version (50m and 1MPBS). Make sure that your mobile, tablet etc. also uses Bluetooth 5 technology.

But what it has to do with the playing music on the wireless Bluetooth headphones? Latency! It’s the delay of moment between the audio is played on the, let’s say, mobile device and when it is heard from the Bluetooth headphones. So how do we cope with this issue? Find aptX wireless headphones. To put it simply, aptX is codec minimizes the latency. Almost all phones support APTX now but you should check whether your device supports it.

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