Lurking On the “Keto” Fence

keto diet

Despite being at bottom of the US news and world report best diet 2018 list, Ketogenic a.k.a keto diet has reached an all-time high amongst the general public with success stories bombarding the social media every day.

And the hook that seems to catch every other person isn’t the hype created by the celebrities but rather the fast weight loss that results from taking on this diet.

But the question remains. Is Keto Diet worth the potential side effects?

What is Keto Diet?

It’s a low-carb high fat diet that uses fats instead of carbohydrates to produce fuel for the body, resulting in a drastic weight loss.

The theory behind the keto diet is, that our body’s energy-carrying molecules “ketones” use glucose from carbohydrates as an energy source. When we reduce our carb intake abruptly and switched to a high-fat diet, our body goes into the “ketosis” stage where ketones start to burn fats instead as an energy source. As a result, the body loses weight significantly.

This simple explanation might have also nudged a lot of people further into the keto path, but just like any other “fast result diet” it, too, has its own baggage of side effects that’ve created mixed feelings amongst the keto- crowd.

Hence, it’s always smart to study potential adverse effects before you decide to take on this diet.

Common Side effects

The Keto diet generally consists of 70% fat, 20% proteins, and 10% carbohydrates. Due to its different nature, it’s said to have a certain side effect that some might not prefer to go through.

The most common adverse effect is the ‘Keto-flu’ that usually occurs within a week of starting this diet. Since your body is suddenly exposed to a different diet, it struggles to adapt to that change, hence the adverse effects.

Low energy, mood swings, sudden cravings, and irregular bowel movements are common symptoms of keto-flu along with bad breath that results from indigestion.

Potential side effects

The high-fat content is the main reason a lot of nutritionists are concerned about the adverse effect this diet may cause. Thus, Those with high cholesterol might be at risk of heart disease if they decided to try out this diet.

Apart from that, there’re other potential side-effect as well;

  • Diabetic patients may also refrain from this diet. While, it might help balance the sugar level, but unless you are on this diet under doctor supervision, it will do you more harm than good.
  • It’s not an easy-to-follow diet, thus, not a practical solution for a longer period. Once you take yourself off of it, your body will start to gain weight again and will continue to do so until you start dieting again. In this yo-yo scenario, the only thing you’ll lose in the end will be your body muscles only.


Ketogenic was not originally created as a weight-loss diet. It’s a medical diet therapy to help patients with epilepsy. and weight loss was just a byproduct.

Choosing this diet for something it was not meant to be should be a concerning factor. But since there hasn’t been any actual harmful effect on keto-crowd “yet” it is assumed to be a safe diet to try for now.

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