I Used This Homemade Face Scrub, and It Worked Wonders on My Skin

DIY homemade face scrub

Being a skincare slacker I find the daily routine a bit tedious. Add in the slow effect of organic ingredients? My motivation level remains forever low.

Despite all that—thanks to my sensitive skin that can’t seem to tolerate conventional products much—I am always at the lookout for a homemade face scrub that can easily be used for daily routine.

In my pursuit I came across this amazing orange peel & gram flour face scrub that reduces dark sport, control excess oil, and brightens skin. A perfect mix for my skin type—oily skin with acne marks.

Before diving right into the application process, let’s go over some of the benefits I came across.

Benefits of DIY Orange-Gram Face Scrub

Orange peel has an abundance of vitamin C, which according to journals of clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, PMC, is a strong antioxidant that reduces pigmentation, and slows down photoaging, leaving you with even-toned and radiant skin. Gram flour—a powdered form of chickpea—on the other hand, aids in controlling excess oils and acne.

Gram flour—a powdered form of chickpea—on the other hand, aids in controlling excess oils and acne.

With these extraordinary components in the mix, orange-gram face scrub naturally caught my sight.

Even only on first application, my skin instantly felt soft and smooth, I kid you not! Within just a month, there was a visible difference in my skin. Dark spots reduced considerably, and my skin felt rejuvenated.

In a nutshell, orange-gram scrub readily accomplished what it proclaimed.

But the best part? I could exfoliate my face naturally without enduring the pain of making a fresh batch every time. How cool is that!

How To Make It

Although the initial process of sun drying the peels was time-consuming it was eventually worth it. You just need to grind the dry peel into a regular electric grinder, mix equal amounts of powdered dried orange peel and gram flour and store it in an airtight jar. The mixture is ready to use, and can last up to 8 months if stored in a dry place.

Moreover, you can also buy organic orange peel powder from Amazon if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making it by your self.

Precision, in this case, is not necessary for proportion or quantity.

DIY homemade face scrub


The application of this face scrub is pretty simple.

  • Take a half teaspoon of the scrub mixture and add enough water or rose water to make it into a thick paste consistency.
  • Apply the paste on your face and massage gently for a minute or two.
  • Rinse it with plain water and apply toner afterward followed by your usual skin routine.
  • Recommended to use it twice a week.

Many would advise massaging for a good amount of time. But I never did it more than a minute, and it still gave me the desired results.

Potential Side Effects

Now let’s have a look at any potential side effects from using the scrub.

Personally, I didn’t have any side effects from using this face scrub. All the same, it is an exfoliating mix that requires massaging. Thus it might not be suitable for a skin with a recent acne breakout, as, in my personal experience, orange-gram face scrub only minimize the acne occurrence; it doesn’t cure the existing one.

So, go ahead and try out this amazing organic face scrub and share your experience with us!