A Sudden Swarm of Houseflies? Try These Five Non-Toxic Traps To Get Rid of Them

how to get rid of houseflies

Unlike mosquitoes, getting rid of houseflies is a severe trial.

As the summer approaches, a mass of houseflies often appears out of nowhere into your house and make a general nuisance.

If the problem were merely their irritating presence, one could probably endure them for a while. But as is often the case, houseflies reside on rot and then fly around your meals, contaminating them with bacteria.

Health authorities believe these seemingly harmless flies carry almost 1 million bacteria on their tiny bodies, including cholera, typhoid, and many more dangerous diseases.

With such a long list, leaving them to their devices would be a serious health hazard for you.

To get rid of houseflies, Insecticides can be highly effective. Still, you’ll find several non-toxic products and DIY traps, which are equally potent and environmentally friendly.

But, before you go for any, I suggest rooting out the cause and prevent the infestation from happening for a start.

Why Houseflies Infest your home and How to Prevent It

Ordinarily, the housefly’s influx is seasonal.

But more often than not, they’re attracted to food and spoil.

If you’re leaving your trash can open for a night or leftover on the sink with a window open, it would attract the flies.

Sometimes, fruits on the table cause a surge of flies. Many times, the neighbor’s sanitary conditions bring in the bugs.

In any case, here’re four practical actions you can take to prevent housefly infestation.

  1. Take out your trash frequently and keep the lid close after use.
  2. Clean your kitchen sink immediately after meals. A food residue on your counter is enough to attract flies.
  3. Seal Windows and doors to keep the houseflies out—particularly when you suspect the root cause is outside your home.
  4. If you’ve a pet, give your house a thorough cleaning now and then. Cats love to hide things that usually go unnoticed.
  5. Lastly, avoid leaving fruits on the table for long, lest you’ve fruitflies’ problem on your hand.

How To Get Rid Of HouseFlies

In normal circumstances, short of keeping a swatter nearby, you’ll find it extremely difficult to get rid of houseflies. Because, with their quick breeding and multiplication, smash one and two more will take their place.

Mentally prepare yourself for a week long job and follow any of the five below commercial or DIY traps most convenient to you.

1. Bug Zapper

how to get rid of houseflies
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Flies have an innate phototaxis nature that inadvertently leads them to any light source nearby. Bug zappers use their natural attraction to trap and kill them.

The hanging device contains ultraviolet light to lure in the houseflies. As they obliviously fly toward the glow, the electric grid encasing the device zaps them on contact.

 Gnats, moths, mosquitoes, you can use zappers to exterminate every small bug—provided you’re not concerned with a popping sound.

2. Sticky Traps

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For a cheap solution, sticky traps work best to get rid of houseflies.

Commonly available in cylinders and yellow sheets, the product bait flies using a color technique to capture on their sticky surface.

Once stuck, they never leave.

That said, if you’re looking for a trap to hang on your porch, I would not recommend it.

As birds are also attracted to the yellow color, they might likely get themselves plastered on sticky traps.

3. Window Strips

getting rid of flies from the house
From Amazon.com

They are transparent peel-off sheets that traps the flies resting on the windows into the sticky surface.

As houseflies have an intrinsic urge to gather on windows, putting them on the corners would capture many.

The sheet is 8 to 10 inches long, free of any chemical, and employs a common adhesive to ensnare the flies.

Those not in favor of visible yellow traps would find window traps to their liking.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

fly trap with vinegar

Besides commercial products, you can successfully create your own trap with a bottle, apple cider, water, and a drop of soap.

Vinegar possesses a powerful scent greatly desired by the houseflies. As the scent entices them to the bottle, the fly and right into the solution and drown.

To create the trap, mix apple cider and water in equally, add a drop of dish soap, and leave it near a window or on corners.

5. Essential oil Diffuser

housefly repellent

Houseflies are most repellent to Mint and Eucalyptus for some reason. By misting the essential oil can keep them at bay.

Add a couple of drops of essential oil along with a drop of dish soap into the water and mix them well.

Close the cap and spray around the corners where the housefly’s activity is the most.

The water will dilute the intensity of oil so as not to produce intense aroma while equally repelling the flies.

A diffuser with a timer feature can be a great option to get rid of houseflies. The mist in intervals will discourage the flies from entering the room.

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