Your Guide to Google Duo for PC users

google duo for pc
  • One of the popular high-quality video calling app with over 4 million-plus downloads.
  • Available on Android, iOS, and PC.
  • Up to eight persons in the video conference – Only on Android and IOS versions
  • Great features like ‘Knock Knock’

Google’s most popular video chatting app ‘Google Duo’ was first launched in the year 2016 and it’s one of the most popular high-quality video chatting app with over 4 million plus downloads as of June 2019.

The good thing about this app is that you can use it on both the Android and iOS. Which is why it is loved as one of the most favorite cross-platform video calling app irrespective of the type of mobile phone device you use.

The great news is that now you can use Google Duo on your PC or Mac Book without any installation. Just go to and that’s it.

You should know that you can only make video or audio calls from the Google Duo only to other users of this app. However, you can invite people in your contact list to use the app.

You can make video conference of up to eight users however; this feature is only available on Android and IOS versions of Google Duo. Which is also pretty low when compared to thirty-two users in Face Time, fifty users on Facebook and Skype.

This app has some great features like call blocking, call history and especially ‘Knock Knock’, which makes it more unique when compared to other apps. The knock knock feature enables you to see the real-time video of the people who are dialing you.

Setting up Google Duo for PC

Setting up Google Duo for PC (Web version) is very easy. Just go to and if you are already logged in your computer then there’s no complex setup required. Just click, add and verify your phone number and it’s done. 


You will instantly see your contact list if you have logged in from the email id which is synced in your android mobile phone.

Once your contact list in synced, click on any contact you want to make a call but for the first time, the browser will ask for the permission to access the microphone and the webcam.

Make sure you allow it to continue using the Google Duo for Pc app. Just be sure that your browser is open and running to receive calls.

You can also make app launcher of Google Duo by docking to the Mac OS or in the startup in Windows PCs. However, if you’re frequently surfing the internet in the laptop or the PC, then you don’t have to worry much about since it is now integrated into your web browser.

Settings and Features of Google Duo for PC

You can also change the settings by clicking the gear icon appearing on the upper right corner of the screen.


From the account menu, you can delete your or the Google Duo account as you may like to or come back to this option to change the email ID or re-activate the Google duo for Pc.

Knock Knock; This option I like the most will enable you to see the caller’s live preview before picking up the call. You can also disable it if you prefer but I like to keep it open to catch who’s calling from whom phone.

From the sources tab, you can change the configuration of webcam, microphone or select the audio output to the speakers or the headphones connected to your PC or laptop.  

You can also block the annoying callers through the blocked user tab by putting their number and clocking the block button.  

There is also call history available in the ‘Call Log’ option which is available for you to download for your use.


I am using this app for more than a year on my phone. the web version of this app gave me more mobility to connect with my colleagues while working on my laptop.

Let me know what do you think of this app by commenting below.

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