Seven Remarkably Creative Pet Supplies to Buy Under Just $7

Best Pet supplies

If you’ve adopted a new furry family member, I am certain you must’ve scoured the internet and stores for the best pet supplies, already.

Yet, by my guess, you might still be ruffling through those eye-catching—we don’t need but can’t take our eyes off of it—pet accessories particularly from Giants such as Amazon or AliExpress.


Not surprising. With millions of amazing pet products on display, settling for just one is always easier said than done.

So, to give to the best possible options, I have found seven unique pet supplies on AliExpress that are bestselling, budget friendly and might be worth checking out for.

The list covers both dog and cat accessories. So, let’s go over the unique dog supplies first.

1.Rainbow Dog Leash

Pet supplies
Rainbow Dog Leash-Picture Taken From AliExpress

Price: Under $5

Rating: 4.9

Reviews: 500 views

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This harness dog leash is made from nylon material, has a cord structure with a hook attached at the end, and is light-weight.

In addition, it has a foam grip making it comfortable to hold.

The most striking feature of this leash, off course, is its color.

Going through the reviews, almost 93% of buyers were pleasantry surprised at how vibrant the colors were.

That said, this dog leash is 2M only and not a heavy-duty one either.

Therefore, while it’s an excellent pet accessory for a small dog, it might be unsuitable for large ones.

If length is not a deal-breaker, this rainbow leash could be a great purchase to change your eye palate.

FlySong pet supplies store on Aliexpress is selling this product under $5 at this moment.

“The leash is just super!!! Bright, durable and very comfortable! Do not twist, hands do not cut and what a beautiful, no words! Many thanks to the seller!!!! ”-Buyer Reviews.

2.LED Dog Collar

led dog collar
LED Dog Collar-Picture Taken From AliExpress

Price: Under $6

Rating: 4.8

Reviews: 2100

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We all know ‘glow in the dark’ products are universally attractive regardless of age. Add in the night dog walking routine, and this collar might just be the thing for you.

The LED dog collar, Seasenxi online pet supplies store is selling, has features similar to the pet product you might discover on Amazon but with a slightly low price.

The prominent feature, apart from fabric optic light, is light control options to adjust the brightness.

Plus, despite including four sizes, the collar length can be adjusted as well.

The most convenient feature, however, is the option of button cell battery and USB charger both.

Anti-climax, I know, but you can practically find a replacement in any convenience store.

As yet, over 9,000 people have ordered this pet accessory making it one of the AliExpress best sellers.

“All right, excellent seller, the order fits the advertised. It works good for now.”-Buyer Reviews.

3.Pet GPS Tracker

Pet GPS Tracker
Pet GPS Tracker-Picture Taken From AliExpress

Price: Under $2

Rating: 4.4

Reviews: 4700

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This tracker is a really cool pet product, especially for hyperactive dogs. They are easily distracted animals, steering into unfamiliar places every time you trek them to the park.

To keep an eye on them, you can hang this 2 inch mini GPS tracker on the tag loop and let it carry out the babysitting duty.

Made from thermoplastic, the smart device operates on Bluetooth 4.0 with a 22-meter range and button battery.

To activate the tracker, you would have to download their app and sync it with your phone. (Check the instructions on the product.)

The GPS tracker works well with apple and android both, according to the seller.

Anyways, Colpet, a pet supplies online store, is selling it in under $2, a great deal in my opinion, however, there’s just one minor hitch.

The package is without the battery.

For what it’s worth, it’s a button battery. You can buy it from any nearest convenience store.

“Highly recommended, fast shipping, I will still place the order again.”-AliExpress Buyer Reviews.

4.Pet Hair Cleaner

pet hair remover
Pet Hair Cleaner-Picture Taken From AliExpress

Price: Under $7

Rating: 4.9

Reviews: 200

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While sharing a home with a pet companion, hair shedding is a given, still, it’s a huge problem for many.

( Considering, Google receives almost 74,000 searches per month specifically on “dogs that don’t shed.”)

In my search for pet hair cleaner on AliExpress, this hand roller popped up on a pet supplies store with a claim of not only being effective in removing pet hair but also user-friendly.

The device essentially uses the electrostatic charge technique by applying a back and forth movement to collect the hair.

Once collected, you can easily remove the fur by simply opening the lid and emptying it.

According to some buyers, this pet product works even better than other cleaners they had purchased before.

High praise from picky buyers.

Nevertheless, it works on removing lint and hair only, not on a hairball.

For such, you would still have to use a regular broom.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever found to get my dog’s hairs out. Easy to pass and clean. I love it, I recommend it.”-Buyer Reviews.

Let’s dive into cat accessories now.

5.Cat Cave

Cat House
Cat Cave-Picture Taken From AliExpress

Price: Under $6

Rating: 4.8

Reviews: 800

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Cats, on average, sleep almost 16 hours a day and, therefore, require a place they could stake their claim.

But while animals don’t care about the bed type, we clearly do.

Besides, this cozy shed style house is too lovely to ignore.

The soft and comfortable cat house comes in five colors and two sizes. The large size is enough for a small dog as well.

The best thing about this pet bed is the authenticity of the picture.

Meaning, the cat house appears exactly the way picture shows—a feat most AliExpress Best sellers fails to achieve.

Thus far, buyers have been pretty satisfied with this pet product, except probably when it comes to house size. Some found the smaller size too small.

So, when in doubt, go for the large size.

It’s beautiful, just like on the photo. it’s a little bit small, but the cat loves it. came fast. – AliExpress Buyer Reviews.

6.Catnip Stick Snacks

Catnip for cats
Catnip Sticks-Picture Taken From AliExpress

Price: Under $2

Rating: 4.7

Reviews: 3000

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As you know, traditional catnip often comes inside a stuffed toy. So, when this catnip sticks appeared on my search results, naturally my interest was piqued. 

To be honest, I was curious about how an unattractive product like this could secure such as high rating among the AliExpress best sellers.

From what I gathered, the 4-inch sticks are craved from the silver vine—a plant native to Asia and a close cousin of mint.

Once in contact, the catnip has a euphoric effect on the cat.

To put simply, it a cat’s version of getting high, only without the adverse effects.

It’s in its natural state, thus, Toxic-free.

Based on general reviews, buyers were quite amused to see their cats going nuts on the catnip snack stick.

If it interests you, Wzyas pet supplies store is offering 15 pieces packet under $2.

PS:  The stick is supposed to emit a mint scent. If not, remove the first layer for better effect.

“The cat is delighted! Rolled, played and generally was on joys.”– AliExpress Buyer Reviews.

7.LED Laser Cat Toy

Toys for cats
Mouse Projection Laser Toy-Picture Taken From AliExpress

Price: Under $2

Rating: 4.7

Reviews: 500

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Have you ever noticed how cats playfully pounce on an unfortunate insect when they incidentally found their way into their path?

I did, and not a scene I wish to recap.

However, that fleeting memory was one of the reasons this Led laser toy found its way to the best pet supplies list.

In under $2, the laser toy comes with mouse projection with a focal length of one meter.

85% of the buyers gave it five stars with an opinion their cats were delighted playing with the virtual mouse.

But if you can read between the lines, the buyers themselves enjoyed it more than their cats.

All the same, it’s a pretty cheap and fun toy worth purchasing at least once in a lifetime.

PS: Battery is included in this one.

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