08 Best Smart Kitchen Appliances For Your Crazy Schedule

best kitchen appliances

Short on time? Then these smart kitchen appliances may well save your time and energy.

If there’s one thing, most would agree on, it’s their love for a delicious food. But when it comes to cooking? 90% shy away from it.

With a tight schedule and long hours, time and patience have become precious commodities for many.

As such, when smart kitchen appliances were introduced in the market, people leaned towards these user-friendly gadgets to enjoy quick and hearty meals.

Within a short time, smart kitchen appliances became the trending products receiving $13.66 billion in income in 2018, alone. And from the look of it, the number is likely to reach $43.5 billion by the time 2027 rolls in.

While you’ll discover a huge variety in the market, I have narrowed down 08 practical kitchen gadgets that will be perfect for your crazy schedule.

The list covers almost everything from meals and snacks to drinks and prep-time.

1. Omelet Maker

best cookware non stick

Price: Under $25

Rating: 4.5

Electric Omelet Maker is a best kitchen appliance for ones wanting a perfect omelet but doesn’t have time to experiment.

An omelet maker takes about only 10 minutes to bake.

As it has a closed lid design, it cooks the whole meal evenly making your chances of burning the omelet considerably low—unless you let it sit for long.

The pre-heat indicator signals you when you need to pour in the mixture—usually 2 minutes– and the two semi-moon indents will keep the content from spilling.

It’s also fairly easy to clean.

With non-stick covering, you can wipe it with a cloth.

As for preparing the omelet mix, I have listed the electric vegetable cutter on number 06. Using it would shorten the prep-time by half.

All in all, it’s a great option for omelet lovers and hardly takes much space on the counter.


There’s no auto-shutoff option in this omelet maker. You would’ve to manually turn it off when 10 minutes are up.

2. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

best  kitchen appliances

Price: Under $30

Rating: 4.5

Breakfast Sandwich Maker is a lifesaver for those who prefer to save only the last 10 minutes on getting ready.

This smart kitchen appliance takes only five minutes to cook your sandwich. (You can find the video tutorial on Amazon)

With an auto coffee maker, you can tackle both your coffee and breakfast in 5 minutes. (Check out number 07 for an auto-coffee maker.)

Apart from the quick mealtime, the Breakfast Sandwich maker is fairly easy to clean.

The middle part is removable. You can pull it out and pop it in the dishwasher.

As for non-removable parts, they have a non-stick layer so you shouldn’t have any problem cleaning it with a cloth.

The Breakfast sandwich maker does, however, require you to shut it off manually, though.

You’ll find one with the timer as well, but since, there’s no auto-shut button, I don’t believe the use of the timer would be helpful.

Your phone can serve the same purpose, anyway.


The sandwich maker will leak if overfilled.

3. Instant Pot

Best cookware

Price: Under $80

Rating: 4.5

If you’ve the budget to spare on one thing, I would recommend you to go for Instant Pot.

It has been a hot commodity in the kitchen world since Robert Wang invented it in 2006 and the interest in not decreasing anytime soon.

To go for basics, Instant pot is a smart version of a pressure cooker but with tons of benefits to suit your needs.

For one, it has an in-built timer.

Put your ingredient in it, set the timer, and your hovering time recedes. The normal meat cooking time is 45 minutes. Probably less if you cut the prep time.

The timer also has a 24-hour capacity allowing you to twitch the cooking time to your liking.

Secondly, you don’t have to defrost the ingredients. They would come out well-cooked either way.

Lastly, if you are a bean lover, there’s no need for an all-nighter soaking time as the steam inside the pot would cook them into soft grains, regardless.

All in all, it’s an extremely convenient appliance.

You can cook meat, vegetables, beans, and even rice—all the features are mentioned in the product description.

The Instant pot comes in different sizes as well. For two people, 6 quarts is enough, while 8 quarts will cover three or more persons.


It doesn’t reach the temperature required for canning.

4. Electric Grill

Best Indoor grill

Price: Under $65

Rating: 4

Living in an apartment often comes with certain cooking restrictions to avoid excess smoke. As a result, homeowners find it difficult to have BBQ at home.

That’s where electric grill comes in.

It’s a perfect substitute for a conventional grill, saves time, and is easy to clean.

All you have to do it click the on the button, grill the patty and click it off—no additional prep-time.

The tilting feature allows you to drain the excess fat, and the removable ceramic plates make for effortless cleaning.

The Electric grill comes with multiple molds to add variety as well. (Such as waffle maker).

It also has in-built features to control the time, temperature, and meal texture.

As it’s a countertop appliance; you can leverage its compact size and carry it with you on outside jobs.

Form the convenience angle; this smart kitchen appliance appears to cover almost everything.


You would’ve to be careful not to overflow the waffle mixture, or it would leak out.

5. Air Fryer

Best Kitchen gadgets

Price: Under $100

Rating: 4.5

Air fryer is a countertop version of a convection oven.

If you are a college student or small apartment dweller, this is the best space and time-saving option for quick meals and snacks.

It also comes with a removable basket and tray, therefore, easy to clean.

It also has an inbuilt timer reducing the supervision time.

You wouldn’t need to continuously stir, flip your ingredients, as well. A one-time flipping would be enough to reach a crispy texture.

The startling difference between a traditional oven and air fryer is the pre-heat time.

To bake in a convection oven, you’d have to pre-heat it for 10 to 15 minutes beforehand. Air fryer hardly takes a couple of minutes.

On the whole, Air Fryer is an excellent Kitchen appliance for small quantities and fast cooking.


The taste is slightly different than regular deep-fried food and might not be suitable for cakes and dough made goods.

6. Mini Chopper

Smart Kitchen gadgets

Price: Under $20

Rating: 4

As any electrical chopper, this mini electrical chopper cuts off half of your prep-time.

With its user-friendly feature, you can easily assemble it as well.

Attach the container to the motor, add whatever ingredient you want in it and cover it with the lid.

It also has a built-in dispenser if you want to add water or oil for puree making.

The stainless blades are removable, therefore, easy to clean.

Overall, this electrical mini-chopper is a hassle-free kitchen appliance for day to day chopping jobs.


It makes a lot of noise, given its size.

7. Auto Coffee Maker

Kitchen appliances

Price: Under $75

Rating: 4

If you are a coffee lover, you probably have had an auto coffee maker in your place already. But if not, then this kitchen appliance would be a great option for you.

It has all the features you need to wake up with a hot coffee ready on the stand.

The 24-hour timer allows you to pour in all the ingredients beforehand and set it on the timer.

You can also adjust the temperature of your coffee to your need.

One of its attractive features is the auto cleaning option. When it’s time to clean, the machine would automatically let you know.

In all, it’s a pretty simple and rather a decent option than brewing coffee in the morning.


It leaks if filled to its full capacity.

8. Single Serve Smoothie Maker

useful Kitchen gadgets

Price: Under $25

Rating: 4.5

For regular smoothie drinkers, this mini blender is a dream come true.

It’s incredibly compact and easy to use.

Add ingredients in the cup-shaped container close the blade lid and put it on the motor. Once prepared, take out the glass and you’ve a ready travelling smoothie cup.

As the container serves a dual purpose, you can both pour in the mixture into another glass or remove or use the container directly.

It really is that easy.

The blades and cup are removable, so, there wouldn’t be any hassles with the cleaning as well.

Altogether, it’s a superb product for daily usage.


It’s smaller than it appears.


There are a lot of ways you can smartly manage your time, but with these kitchen appliances, you can finally take a deep relaxing breath and enjoy your meals.

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