Best Wireless Headphones 2019 Guide: Top 5 things to consider before buying


There are so many wireless headphones available in the market to choose. Buying the one could become a frustrating experience.

While many amateurs and pros have shared their opinions and comparisons between high and low priced wireless headphones. Opting to buy one without doing some research could cost you your hard earned money.

That being said, with high-end brands such as; Bose, Apple, and Samsung, etc., there are cheaper brands available in the market as well. These companies claims to manufacture wireless headphones with features close to their high-end brands at budget-friendly prices. However, do you really need fancy features such as NFC in your headsets to pay extra bucks?

I suggest you do your homework before making buying decision. I have listed top five things, along with my personal reviews of a tried and tested good quality wireless headphones, for you to consider before making your purchase. Using the below information, we purchased the August EP650 over the ear headphones. Was it worth buying? Lets see.

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1. Comfort

Wireless headphones usually come in three styles; over the ear, on the ear and in the ear (earbuds). 

The style you would like to go for would obviously be dependent on your need. For instance; the over the ear headphones may not be a good choice for a runner, as it is inconvenient to carry and mostly not sweat resistance. As for small ones, earbuds of some brands easily pop out from the ear and few do not have ergonomic shapes for comfort.

Though most of the companies are now offering fins of different sizes and/or improved ergonomics of wireless headphones. Nevertheless, it’s better to first decide which style of headphones meets your comfort level before making your purchase.

Apart from that, read both the negative and positive buyer’s reviews on online shopping platforms. You can, of course, also try out yourself if it’s available at local shops nearby.

“Avoid poorly designed wireless headphone.”

I have tested a many headphones of different Brands, but one I found best was over the ear wireless headphones I bought, within 50 US Dollars back in 2017.

I was looking for lightweight over the ear headphones with soft ear cups that would fit perfectly without any discomfort over long use. After thoroughly searching online, I selected the top 10 trending products based on the products ratings (above 4) and buyer’s reviews. Within the list, August EP 650 immediately popped up at the top, showing positive reviews regarding comfort and design compared to other products in the list.

I selected August EP650 wireless headphones and pondered over its shape to gauge the comfort level. Later, I then dived more into the sound quality this product offers.

2. Sound Quality

How the music and movies sound like should be heard from the headphones as well. Although wireless headphones don’t give you fidelity as same as wired headphones. But for any reason you wish to have wireless ones, you should hear what other people say about them. If it’s bad then it’s bad!

Branded wireless headphones sound way better than cheap ones, for obvious reasons. However, few Brands— like Anker— have recently entered into the headphones department. They manufacture quality headphones with great features at a low price comparatively.

“Quality of sound depends on what audio processing hardware the manufacturer offers in their headphone.”

We are not going to dive more into the technical aspects of headphones in details here but it is better to have a general understanding of the technical aspects of sound quality. Click here if you want to learn more.

When I checked the specs of the August EP 650 wireless headphones with 3.5mm jack. Technically it looked good to me and was within the price range. I came across some good positive reviews as well.

So, at that point, I was satisfied with the research in terms of comfort and sound quality considering the budget. Then I moved on to the technology aspect of August EP650, and to know whether these headphones have latency (delay of sound) and connectivity problems with the devices (phones/laptops/tablets, etc.)


Source: Tech Radar Youtube:

The main problem with wireless headphones is latency (delay) and connectivity issues. It would be very frustrating when the sound comes in delay from your headphones while playing movies or games on your device, or your headphones don’t connect with your mobile or laptop. If you’re planning to buy the wireless headphones, you should check out what Bluetooth version they have.

“Wireless headphones tend to have latency (delay) and connectivity issues. Look for headphones with the latest Bluetooth technology and APTX.”

The devices manufactured in and after the year 2017 have Bluetooth 5 version with better range and data transmission than the previous Bluetooth 4 version. Also, check out headphones with APTX technology. APTX, as claimed by the manufacturer, resolve the latency issue. Although almost all phones support APTX now, you should still double check it regardless.

To conclude it, look for wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5 version of older Bluetooth 4, with APTX. Click here to read more about Bluetooth and APTX.

So, coming back to August EP650, it has Bluetooth 4.1, APTX, and NFC as well. Since I had tested numerous headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 and 5 versions in the past, I was confident the sound of August EP650 would be great.

4. Battery Time

This can easily be found in the specifications mentioned on the product packaging. If not, look for the back-up and charging time on the internet, Google it!.

Typically, the headphone, when charged in 15 minutes, would give you a backup time of more than two to three hours.

August EP650 charges in around 15 minutes and gives around 12 hours of battery time compared to 15 hours mentioned in specifications. I have been using it for two years now, and it still gives me around 3-4 hours of battery time in 15 minutes charge. I highly recommend you to buy these headphones and it is one of the best headphones I have bought in this price range.

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5. Price

It all depends on your budget but considering the above factors, I hope it helps you in your decision to buy good quality wireless headphones in your price range.

Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below, we would love to hear what factors you considered while buying a headset and how was the overall experience.

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