Five Simple Tips To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Imagine living a life where most of your time is spent on doing a laborious job. You reach home late, miss family events, and couldn’t spare time for your friends. Thus, you end up feeling alienated when people around you have had already adjusted to their lifestyle without “you” in it.

Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial for your well-being.

While it may seem like a far-fetched idea for some in today’s fast-paced and demanding job market, it is, however, not entirely impossible to improve your work performance and healthy work-life balance.

Make these five adjustments in your routine, and you would be surprised at the impact these small changes might do on your life.

1. Limit Your Extra Work Hours

Limiting extra hours to improve work performance

The moment you start bringing office work to home, the line that keeps a balance between the professional and personal life begins to blur.

This practice, albeit unintentionally, will develop complacency in your nature, which your employer will exploit without any reserve.

In no means am I suggesting to be rigid with your boss. When it comes to job responsibility occasional extra hours to get a job done is expected the higher you go up the ladder.

However, setting professional boundaries in terms of frequent late sittings doesn’t hurt either. It’s one of the best ways to improve work performance as well.

In an article by Kathryn Vasel, on CNN business, it was explained in a nutshell, how prudent it is to set your boundaries with your bosses in the initial stage. If you are struggling with this notion, I would highly recommend you to check this article out.

2. Map Out Your Priorities

Better work-life balance

Some things require urgent attention while others can be delayed. Learn to prioritize your tasks whether they are in a professional capacity or personal setting.

Here are the ways to prioritize your tasks. This will definitely improve your work performance

  • Line up your tasks based on importance.

I came across an article on medium by Anthony Draper on How to Prioritize Your Task where he explained with simple examples of how we can use Eisenhower Matrix tool to save our time through prioritization.

The simple version is, learn to divide the tasks based on urgency and importance.

  • Avoid taking responsibility that’s not yours

You should brushoff jobs that are not your responsibility without compromising your relationship. It’s a common practice amongst peers to dump their work on others, who are too polite to decline.

  • Be wary of superficial

Avoid going out of the way for people who don’t return the same courtesy.

3. Manage Your Time and you manage your work life balance

 healthy work-life balance.

Everyone manages their responsibilities differently based on their job nature. Some are required to work within duty hours while others have target based jobs. Regardless, there are still a few time management techniques you can apply to balance your professional and personal life.

Such as;

  • Schedule your daily tasks and set deadlines.
  • Work your schedule based on your productivity. Some work better in morning, and some at night
  • Delegate your jobs. Taking all the responsibilities in a quest for perfectionism will only stress you out more.

 “You can do anything but not everything.”

Work life balance quote by Kathy Freston (the author of Quantum Wellness Cleanse)

4. Make Space For Your People

ways to improve work performance

With a plate full of work, waiting for the free time would be pointless. You have to make time for other activities. Here’s how you can do that;

  • Take advantage of your office leaves and plan a family vacation.
  • Socialize with your friends on weekends.
  • Reach home early for family dinners, or keep in touch with them on a regular basis if you are out of the city.

Most of all make time for “yourself.

5. Take A Break When You Need it

ways to improve work performance and healthy work-life balance.

Sometimes things don’t turn out as we plan—In fact, as far as my observation dictates, the results rarely match our expectations. Such a situation can make us feel dejected to the extent of feeling depressed.

When that happens, just take a deep breath, believe in yourself and know that it is okay to feel vulnerable, know that this too shall pass, and refocus to accomplish the next goal.

In the meantime, meet a close friend, treat yourself, or dig deep in what you like to do.

Here are also some work life balance quotes for your motivation.

  1. You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.”
    Heather SchuckThe Working Mom Manifesto
  2. Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” ―Hillary Clinton
  3. A Career Is Wonderful But You Can’t Curl Up With It On A Cold Night”Marilyn Monroe
  4. “You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.”– Katie Thurmes
  5. “You Can Have It All. You Just Can’tHave It All At Once”- Oprah Winfrey


Work overload, family demands, Stressful day, they are all part and parcel of everyone’s life. Take a break every now and then, avoid burdening yourself with work overload, and immerse yourself in your personal affairs. Only then you will be able to maintain your work- life balance.

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