5 Reasons Why Eyelash Extensions Might Not Be Worth It After All

are eyelash extensions worth it

While eyelash extensions have gained quite a reputation in recent years, are they worth the trouble?

Contrary to popular belief, not every woman wants to trade their sleep for makeup routine every morning. So, when eyelash extensions were introduced in the market promising 24/7 glamorous looks, people felt their prayers had finally been answered.

Eyelash extensions are long-lasting and convenient accessories. The natural look they give is a far cry from strip lashes making it a great choice for those who prefer to go out with little or no makeup.

However, every great invention comes with a catch and in eyelash extension case; the cons might just precede the pros.

Last year, UK Luton student took to twitter when her salon visit turned into a hard lesson.

She went there to get the eyelash extensions but came out with red-eye and temporary blindness.

Many laid the blame at the technician’s feet and chalk it up to an isolated incident, but it was not the only case surfaced that year.

While beauty is not without its pain eyelash extensions might not be worth the trouble for reasons far more than beauty hazards.

Here, we have listed down 6 reasons why they might not be a worthy choice after all.

1. They Harm the Eyes and Damage the Natural Eyelashes

People prefer eyelash extensions for its long-lasting nature.

To achieve that, technicians use semi-permanent glue in the process to keep the lashes last for 2 to 3 weeks before it can be refilled.

Ironically, it’s that glue which seems to be the crux of eyelash extensions allergic reactions and may eventually ruin the natural eyelashes.

Dermatologists believe the semi-permanent glue contains formaldehyde , which could cause various ocular problems from eye irritation, redness, to even temporary blindness —as that of  the case of  Luton student.

Girls be very very careful where you get your eyelashes done!!I got my individuals done today somewhere new and it turns out they used nail glue on my lashes. I genuinely lost my sight for 2 hours. Thankfully the swelling has gone down, but they’re still very sore,” she said in her tweet.

What’s more, the adhesive strength has been known to damage the natural eyelashes.

A Reddit user claimed eyelash extensions allergic reaction caused her natural eyelashes to fall off, and though they grew back eventually, the volume was not the same.

While the base of eyelash adhesive is mainly made of Cyanoacrylates, a small portion of formaldehyde is still included in it to add strength, thus, creating an allergic reaction and lash damage.

If you scroll through the internet, you will come across numerous eyelash extensions reviews enough to make anyone consider whether they are worth trouble.

eyelash extensions allergic reaction

2. Not Every Technician knows Their trade

Every field has its best and worst cases and beauty salons aren’t exempted from it.

Last year, a dozen cases of eyelash mites surfaced in Orlando’s Eye institute due to the poor hygienic condition of eyelash extensions.

While the report believed it to be the result of the initial 48 hours prevention measures customer are asked to take, the cause seems a bit far-fetched to us. 

If one fails to take proper hygiene that’s understandable, but a dozen?

In another case, the fall of natural eyelashes was captured with vivid details.

“I didn’t know what happened, the maker glued firmly so that the false eyelash couldn’t fall out, but I just rubbed my eyes then my eyelash disappear forever.” eyelash extensions reviews.

Either it was the result of eyelash extensions allergic reaction or the technician’s fault, that matter remains to be seen.

Every successful extension user would always urge you to go for a top-notch salon to avoid possible mishaps such as the above cases.

A beauty salon posted victim’s pictures warning people to conduct proper research before choosing a new salon for the process.

The point is, eyes are one of the sensitive parts of the body, and a wrong salon choice may not only cause possible bald eyes but could lead to serious eye infections.

With these dangers one has to wonder if eyelash extensions are worth the trouble.

3. The process is quite expensive

Eyelashes may have had the only job of sweeping dust away from the eyes; one still can’t argue with the attractive effect it creates.  

However, choosing eyelash extensions to enhance your beauty might not be a good trade for you.

The process, alone, on average takes about $150 to $400 initially, depending upon the area, salon and the package you would choose.

For instance, would you want to go for synthetic silk extensions or mink fiber? Do you prefer the classic 1:1 natural style or the more dramatic look? Are you seeking individual lash extensions or cluster? The customization changes the price structure accordingly.

Plus, they last approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Meaning, you would have to take a by-monthly appointment for re-application on an average of $60 per appointment.

If you can spare the eyelash extensions cost of $150 to $200 per month, by all means, go for it. But for an average income person, they might be a bit expensive accessories to have.

eyelash extensions cost

4. They are High Maintenance

Following a 10 step, K-beauty routine is hard. Getting beauty inspiration from Manny Mua is fairly tough. But changing your sleeping positions for falsies?

Now that requires true devotion.

Eyelash extensions demand special care and a specific routine to survive. For starters, once applied, they would need 24 to 48 hours of drying time before you can wash your face or take a bath. Even then you would have to be careful while taking a shower.

Secondly, eyelash extensions must be combed with a spoolie every day to maintain their texture.

Moreover, oil or cream-based eye shadows and mascara should be strictly avoided. The greasy texture of the makeup would unravel the eyelash glue while the hardened mascara would damage the extensions.

Lastly, since extensions are attached to the natural hair a millimeter away from the lash line. Rubbing your eyes or sleeping with your face pressed on the pillow would likely damage them.

These restrictions, while not life-changing, might still be a bit much for some—especially when the sleeping position has to be changed intentionally— making it an unsuitable choice for many.

“I found extensions to be too irritating to my eyes, always tangled and my eyelids always irritated. Just too much maintenance and too damaging in the long run.”A Reddit user gave her eyelash extensions reviews.

5. Eyelash Extensions are Addictive

The word “addiction” in itself is a slippery slope nobody would want to walk on because it always comes with a high price—literally and figuratively both.

A study was conducted on 120 females to determine the eye problems attached to eyelash extensions.

Out of 120 females, 117 claimed to have experienced several mild eyelash extensions allergic reactions from dry eyes to burning pain. However, despite the persistent problems, almost 65% still found eyelash extensions worth it for repeated application.

The addiction to look good not only drained their wallet but also cause them to endure the discomfort the trending fashion ensued.

Eyelash extensions might not have the seductive properties, but they sure are addictive in nature.

Besides, when you get to fulfill your dream of waking up every morning with a Disney version of yourself, who wouldn’t get addicted to it?

While the internet is full of success stories, many eyelash extensions reviews implied the pyramid of bills to be overwhelming sometimes.

And yet they can’t resist going for re-application.

According to trend forecast, the global false eyelash market would reach on approx. 1.3 billion by the end of 2030.

Taking into account the eyelash extensions cost and addiction factor, it’s no wonder the falsies market is booming with each year.


The desire to look great 24/7 without any effort has always been a dream of every woman, and eyelash extensions certainly have manifested that dream into a reality.

However, one must consider the pros and cons before diving into this fashion bandwagon, for not every fashion is for everyone.

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