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Work Life Balance
Some people prefer the workaholic life and some are forced into it due to their circumstances. In both scenarios, it is your social life that takes the most brunt that eventually affects your physical and mental health. Therefore, achieving a work-life balance is crucial for your well-being.


DIY Hacks

How to get rid of sugar ants naturally with one simple technique

clove to remove sugar ant
The ant infestation could be from anything; change of weather, afflicted plant, nearest nest, or their long-established residence in your house. Buts as luck would have it, we have found a solution that is remarkably easy to follow.

Urban Gardening

Technology and Gadgets

Best Wireless Headphones 2019 Guide: Top 5 things to consider before buying

There are so many wireless headphones available in the market to choose. Buying the one...

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